Sensor ID is already registered


Please can you release sensor ID is esp8266-6546546?

Many thanks,

perfect Thanks, all is working well. The only I am searching for, maybe the forum helps, if I got the counter how many days PM10 50 peak is reached as of EU max allowed is 35.

Hi Could you release ID 6787947 for me?

Thx in advance


Hello could you release 6788074
Thank you

Hi Ricki,

Could you please release sensor ID is esp8266-7020743?

Many thanks!


Could you please release sensor ID is esp8266-1332524?


Just curious: Why are some id’s taken yet? :sweat_smile:

Hi, could you do the same for esp8266-13442321

Could you also please release esp8266-717887?
Best Regards!

can you confirm that sensor 33076 (ChipID: esp8266-7429633) is online again?

Could you please release sensor ID is esp8266-14200076

I’ve released the chipID.

@Berry_DE_HAAS Please use the links provided with the notification mails (
If you can see actual data there then the device should be online again. So you don’t have to wait for an answer here …