Sensor ID is already registered

@tock , I’ve released the chipID.

Thanks a lot @ricki-z!

Hi @ricki-z, I deleted my sensor (troubleshooting because of certificate issue, wanted to reinstall) and now the sensor ID (ID 3928309) is not available anymore for reinstallation.
Could you please unlock the ID for me?
Thanks, Walter

Good Day,
I need to move a sensor to a new house, can you release the number so I can change the location.
The sensor is esp8266-21497

Thank you, Chris

@Walter I’ve restored the deleted registration.

@BrambleDowwn You can login to , change the location info and set the device as active again. So there is no need to delete and er-register it again.

Thank you ricki-z for fixing this on a Sunday! The sensor is online again.

Thank you @ricki-z
I think I still do not register the sensor. However, I cannot find the register menu. Could you please show me? Thank you very much!

Hello @ricki-z

Any chance in releasing ID esp8266-7035646?


@Hotay-NDThi Open , login with your credentials (or create a new user account if you haven’t one). On the following page you will find a button “Register new sensor”.

@TunedForLife I’ve released the chipID.
Please use the “Handover a sensor” function at for owner changes …

Have a nice day,
I have to register again due to a modem change, please delete the old one - airRohr-2597832.
With thanks: József Kincse.

Hello there! I have a device which was registered by a student (from Aston University) for their project, but now I would like to release it and re-register it. Could you please release chip no. esp8266-13534126?
Thank you!!

Hi @ricki-z
Please delete esp8266-2597832

I’ve released the chipID.

Hi, @ricki-z I am still getting ‘this sensor is already registered’ for chip no. esp8266-13534126… has it been released?

Hey @ricki-z, is it possible to release the chipID esp8266-16700877 ? I’m unable to register it due to a ‘this sensor is already registered’ error.
Thanks !

@doctorluz Hello, I’ve released the chipID.

Hi, @ricki-z, Can you release chip id esp8266- 3697598?
I’m unable to register it due to a ‘this sensor is already registered’ error.

Thank you, really appreciated!!