Sensor ID is already registered


when I try to register my sensor, I have a message saying “sensor ID is already registered”. I do not know who uses the same ID and how to contact him.
I already sent an email to but no reply yet from Rjako.
If it is not possible to delete the current sensor from the database, is it possible to set a new unused ID within esp8266 code ? If yes, how can I choose a free ID ?


I’ve checked the mails and couldn’t find a mail from you. Could you please send the chipID here as a reply?


sensor ID is esp8266-1506425


The chipID should be available now for a new registration.

thanks so much @ricki-z. I managed to register my sensor.

@ricki-z , can you do the same with esp8266-13268207 ?


This chipID is also released.
Did you get these devices from an organization or local group?

we are a group of people living in a town near Toulouse, France. We started air quality workshops with CPIE Terres Toulousaines (a NGO based in Toulouse, France) in January 2023.
We already implemented 6 sensors in our town, see Map Sensor.Community . Maybe more in the future…

If you need help in French, I am here :slight_smile:
It is good that CPIE TT organises workshops.

@ricki-z, can you do the same with my 3601668 ?


I’ve released the chipID.

@ricki-z - please release 14086678 as well

@Miksu the chipID is released.