Getting InfluxDB working

I saw a couple of people asking for help in getting the InfluxDB integration working - Im also having a problem with this (DB V1).
Nothing appears in the Debug log…is it even trying to connect to my DB server?

Although nothing appears in the log, data was actually being written!

I just used the server address, with no http and no port in the first field, an existing database in the Path, port 8086 as usuall and user/password.

This created fields with a node of esp8266-xxxx and value fields like SDS_P1


Hello, if you need help in this matter, you can go to my topic, I discussed this problem there


if you need help, write to me, I will try to help you <3

You can also get influxdb v2 working as well. I detailed it here.

Also, the relevant github issue with the fix needed for using v2.