Particulate matter sensor does not push data to Influxdb

I was able to get influxdb v2 working by following the this comment on github.

Basically, the sensor firmware tries sending the data using v1 of the influxdb api so you have to make a user that uses the v1 auth. Like this:

$ influx v1 auth create --username 'username' --write-bucket 'bucket-id' --password 'password' --org 'Org Name'
$ influx v1 dbrp create --bucket-id (from above) --db feinstaub --org 'Org Name' --default --rp feinstaub

apuls, GitHub

Here’s my sensor configuration and how it looks in influxdb.

(I can only post one image for now, as I’m new…)

Happy to help anyone wanting to get it working with influxdb v2 :slight_smile: