Deleted Sensor Mistakenly

@Fotis_Karelas Both registrations are restored and set to the mentioned components.

Many thanks, now I see the sensors on the map. How come Grafana still says “No Data”? What is the delay between measuring/pushing and viewing on Grafana?

Depending on the software you are using to transmit the data it’s either not possible to send data to the Madavi API or you may need to activate it.
This is independent of the map graphs which are generated from the data stream of our main database but are using the map IDs.

OK, so do you have a repo with a working example how to send data to Grafana?

Hi. I have deleted two of my sensors because the corresponding settings forms did only show a sensor (SDS011) but they did not allow adding an additional sensor (BME280). As a result, I have found data in the csv files for the SDS011 sensors, but not for the BME280 sensors.
sensor ids: esp8266 - 1528999 and esp8266 - 10599713
I would appreciate if you could restore them adding the BME280 sensors.

@jcgomez both registrations are restored and the bme280 was added.

Hi, could you please delete and allow registration of following ids 12048237 , 12081003

We have used it for student lab projects, and they registered it to their own mails, but next after lab project has done they all deleted sensors from cabinet, but now IDs seems become unusable.

Hi, could you please delete (restore + add bmp280) registration 8546378?
I was trying to add a bmp280 to it and ended up deleting the sensor …

hi @Hollow_Shadow I’ve restored the registration and added the BMP280.

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Hi, could you please restore my sensor
the Id is 14757380