Deleted Sensor Mistakenly

I deleted my sensor by mistake and I cannot register it again - how can I register it and upload my data?
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Please send us the Board ID

I have sent an email to tech@sensorcommunity, and my board ID is: 000000007b740d5b

It is an esp32 ? The Board id Looks Strange …

No it is a raspberry pi 3 model b

@zrrh the registration is restored.

hooray ricki ! thanks for your dillogence.

Hey there,
sry for necro-threading, but it seemed to be an okayish place.

When registering my Sensor with ID 13107338, I included only the SDS011 as hardware.
Now I wanted to add the BME280. Unfortunately under ‘settings’ I cannot add a second hardware.

I figured I would need to delete the sensor and set up a new one, but as the ID would be invalid I didn’t do that.
What would be the best approach to add a second hardware device within the same sensor object?

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@ricki-z can it be that the button „add sensor“ disappeared?
@Hanrich do not delete anything !

@pjg at the moment the “add sensor” button is only enabled at registration of a new device.

Thanks for the fast reply!
As I cannot reach the website right now, I assume that you are changing some stuff?

@Hanrich I’ve added the BME280 to your device registration.

Cool! Thanks so much for the fast action!

I recently joined the sensor community by assembling an air sensor.
Unfortunately, I made some tests & I deleted my sensor by mistake and I cannot register it again.
Could someone help me to register it again?
my sensor id is esp8266 - 14859824

you should be able to rgister the chipID again now.

I have also stupidly deleted my sensor as I didn’t really know what I was doing.

my sensor id is raspi-00000000dbc4c423

if someone could help I would be really grateful. Im new to this so made a noob mistake!

I’ve restored the device registration.

I’ve the a similar problem my sensor (Sensor 67873 (ChipID: esp8266-11923232) ) was deleted.
I reused the ESP8266 and added a new sensor (Sensor 44920 (ChipID: esp8266-1923232), hence the same Chip-ID. The data gets transfered to Grafana, but it isn’t showing on the map.

Habe leider auch das Problem. Gestern zum testen Sensor registriert und gelöscht heut geht nix. Email is schon raus. Hoffe schnellstens auf Rückmeldung

Hi, can i have a reset on ChipID: esp8266-507721 it dissapeared from dashboard, probably inactive for too long. I cant add it back again since it reports its already registered.
Thank you