Where to place the sensor kit

Goodmorning to you all!

Question, I’ve got the sensor kit and I’m looking for a good place to hang the set.

I’ve read that it should be off the ground like 3-6 ft (1 to 2 meters) in your breathing space and that it should have enough room to get a 270degrees air flow.

I was thinking to mount the kit on my barn above the doors (2,5 meters off the ground) and against the wall itself.

But I guess that is not the best place? Could you tell me where you all have mounted the sensor? Maybe some photo’s.

Thank you !!! Have a great day!!

The exhaust has to be free and you have to fill the fields in devices.sensor.community to document the Installation.

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This is mine. It contains a finedust and noise meter.


Looks great. Is it 3D printed?

Indeed. I have made a couple of them.
The RIVM has bought two of them from me.


What are they doing in this photo? Evaluating designs? Calibrating?

This is at the Dutch government institute for environmental hygiene. They are testing noise sensors, professional ones and built by amateurs.
The non-grey ones are built by me.

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@Deedee did you publish the 3D printer files ? A third place in Saarbrücken would be interested.

I haven’t yet. Have to look up the stl files on my laptop. If they got a Prusa I can send the gcode.

Atti’s 3D case is very interesting
Now I really want to take 3D printer, in the meantime I make do with what I find … saucers
one of mine

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Do you have a link to this case?

Found them. I will publish them at the end of this week on my thingiverse account. My profile name on thingiverse is viskip.

I got this housing at the street side. This meter contains the sound meter by Helmut Bitter and a 3D printed mount for the Sensirion.




I’ve got mine hanging! Thank you for all your replies!

@tvdsluijs The case of my photo is only a Nettigo kit (there are many version), but you can find there just the case only too.
I mounted the sensor above the roof together with other sensors for a multi-comparison (the box above with those holes and a mosquito net, protects another air sensor).

To protect it from the rain for a long time, I added a saucer above (whole) and one below (with some holes and lots of silicone). In a normal wall/windows setup I prefer a module similar to Atti’s case too.

Install the sensors in the front or rear bumpers, or the camera on the license plat. With the use of TPMS sensor you will find out the car in big garage