Using SDS011 with DHT22 & BMP280

I have been encountering a number of problems all documented on this forum.

The bottom line appears to be that I cannot connect an SDS011 with both a DHT22 and a BMP280.

Is anyone successfully running with this configuration? Any feedback would be helpful.

Did you try to reconfigure with SDS011 and only the BME280? Because of its inaccuracy i would get rid of the DHT

I haven’t tried only configuring the BME280. Interestingly, when I first put the sensor together (two or three years ago?) the DHT 22 was the only sensor suggested, although reading posts on this forum I can see that it has fallen out of favour recently.

I will remove the DHT as you suggest and let you know how it progresses.

Quality of cheap sensors is progressing at warp speed…

Sensor finally working. As suggested by Jan I have removed the DHT22, but then found that WiFi was no longer operating, so changed the MCU. No idea why the MCU appeared to fail, but have found that when using them they do appear to be a little temperamental.

Case closed, thanks for all the support.

Good to hear and credits to you tadder for persevering! Tinkering is simpel but never easy.