Showing geiger sensor on the map

I registered on this site but did not get a mail yet.

I wanted a local webserver to check the values of my geiger. Made this webserver with a nodemcu.

With the right x-pin for the API you should be able to send to the SC API from anything

I have both sensors ( and the geiger counter) outside, in the same box. Could I connect the audio output of the geiger counter to the same ESP8266 of and send the data to multigeiger? I remember that in the configuration page of you could select an SBM-20, but I never found anything on how to do it

In my experience it only works with gmail

The multigeiger has its own ID.

If you register the esp32 of your geiger and have the settings “send to madavi” on, and your gps settings right, you can see your sensor on

You cannot connect the geiger to the same Id as your finedustsensor.

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If you register a new radiation sensor in (type esp32) you can choose the tube type as well.

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I want to add code to the script of my multigeiger so that it sends its data both to the and

Has anyone have the code snippet?

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very interesting!
But I think that Radmon’s program works quite differently.
I’m trying with another sensor to which I have interfaced the audio output.
For MG instead, I’m thinking to recycle an old wireless audio TX to connect to the radmon program … but your approach would be a better solution
can you should ask to their forum

I managed to generate a string that I can paste as an url in Safari, to make the value appear on the Radmon site. There is still a small issue in my code that needs to be fixed. Almost there.

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Made a new tiny webserver to show the current radiation level of my multigeiger on an I2C LCD display. Used a nodemcu.

Going to try to add IFTTT as well, so that a high value will send a warning to my phone. And also a script that posts the current value to

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Well done. I’ll check the map!

The radmon script hasn’t been implemented yet. I spent some time on the first version of a 3D printed housing.

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Experimenting with an RGB-display trying to match the backlight color with the legenda.

Going to make an arduino project to find out the right RGB-values using three rotary encoders that shows the backlight color and the corresponding RGB code.

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Some LED can just produce rgb565 and no rgb888. Furthermore you should apply a Gamma correction

I will experiment until the colors are good.

You know about neopixels i guess. Very suitable for colourful project.

No I didn’t. Going to check them out.

The fourth multigeiger in the Netherlands is online. I have helped with all four.

Yesterday I ordered 10 more prints. I have parts for 30 in stock, except for the tubes. Hope to get the fifth online within a couple of weeks.


Congratulations! top! :sunglasses:
could you solve the data transmission to radmon too?