Showing geiger sensor on the map

In the archive I found data from radiation sensors. Looked up the sensor coordinates on the map, but it does not show a separate radiation hexagon. A few months ago I decided to build my own radiation sensor.
I have ordered parts to build a radiation sensor and it would be nice if it would also show up on the map.

I found out that I can register a radiation sensor and send the data to the sensor community archive. Are there any plans to extend the map so that you can see the geiger data on the map as well?

No plan to display on the main SC map. But you can see the radiation sensor here:
Further information by me if needed.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Are there only sensors in Germany shown on the map?

I am going to build a multigeiger.

A few are outside Germany. They actually want to develop the project. I can maybe help you to get the PCB. For the tube there might be some difficulties because of the war in Ukraine… Most of the providers are there.

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Thanks for your offer. I will remember this.

I have downloaded the Eagle layout from github and ordered five prints at my usual provider. And also ordered an SBM19 tube in Romania via Ebay. That is on its way.
Also ordered a Chinese tube and a kit for a geiger counter, that can be modified to send data to the sensor community.

Very interesting…
I ordered a Chinese kit, but it never arrived…
Any suggestions to get started in this project?

I am going to build two types of geigers. The Chinese one and this Assembly — MultiGeiger V1.17.0-dev Dokumentation
You also need the github to get the code and the eagle printed circuit layout. GitHub - ecocurious2/MultiGeiger: Geigerzähler mit ESP32 und empfindlichem Si22g-Zählrohr (Gamma).
I have ordered five printed circuits.
Getting the parts together is not very easy, but it seems to have worked.
The tubes I have found on ebay. They come from Romania.
I also found a youtube #162 Build your own 50$ connected Geiger Counter (ESP32) - YouTube
This is the Chinese kit hooked up to a network.

Still waiting for the parts to arrive. Hope they will come soon.


thanks for the valuable information.
Where can i order the printed circuit board?
For the components there are no problems, you just need a little patience for the tube, I think.

I have ordered 5 in the Netherlands. I could sell one of them to you. Still waiting for them.

In the parts list is the processor missing. You need a Heltec esp32.

Yes! My first Geiger MĂĽller tube is in da house.

This one is much less sensitive than the Si22g. It clicks less. You are sure you can put it on the multigeiger with the right multiplication factor?

I am nog going to use this tube in the multigeiger. Just want to do extra experiments, and that’s what I am going to do with this tube.

I have also ordered two Russian tubes on ebay in Romania.

@Atti, thanks for the offer, but now I’m complete my sensor at the moment.
Last night I completed and turn on my sensor (in the next few days I will make it to be able to stay outside).

@pjg, I configured it on, but I still can’t see it on the map yet. I have set the “Radiation Si22g” I have. Do you have any suggestions?

You might check out on
In the search you can put the city where you live and press enter.

Helmut Bitter from the sound meter told me that the maker uses the same data as the sensor community.

Btw, you might find your radiation data in archive,

Yes, I saw these functions, very interesting!
About my sensor, I made a mistake in config on… I left the default sensor board which (right for air sensor, instead of esp32) and then I can’t change it.
I wrote to Rajko for update or delate so I can re-enter it.

@yVega The configuration happens through but the Geiger Counter are not shown on the man map. Use for the daily and monthly archives

thanks, I saw.
I’ve bungled it in registration on about the sensor board (with geiger is different), now if I delete it, I can not register the same ID, so I need Raiko’s help, I have already send an email to him.

the sensor is working fine and sending data, WiFi connection is ok, but the data sending status is bad ( transmission status: 1: “sending failed, shown after attempting to send”).
I think that the problem is the wrong sensor board… or at least I hope it’s just that

I solved my error in registration.
the system accepts the double ID if it belongs to different boards, I didn’t think so. I was wrong. Good!

Now I see current data in Data section on and on the map