Sensor ID is already registered

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@Markus1234 Could you please retry the registration? There isn’t one in our database for this chipID. You should check that all components are only listed once (only on SDS011, only one BME280, …)

i have a Dust sensor connected to a wireless stick lora32 + Wifi + Blu.
how can i know my sensor id ?
also i can’t find the GP2Y1010AU0F dust sensor choices in the Sensor Type.
if the id it’s mean the chip id can you release my id please

Hello @ricki-z any news ?

Hi everyone,

I am from France and I also need help to delete my devices from your database for my final submission next week :
I need to create a new one with the same chip ID and two different sensors but I’ve got the same issues wich is "Sensor Id is already registered.

My chipID : 5C13
My registered devices : ESP32

Thank you in advance

info: I already contact the support but no reply for now

And again, for all new users in this forum:
We are a volunteered project, not a multimillion company. So we may need a little bit more time to answer questions.


@Meir_Belaich we can only support our firmware as we don’t know details of other implementations. So for the question regarding the chipID you should contact the developer of the firmware of your device.
In our firmware there is no support for the mentioned dust sensor.

Hello, @ricki-z
Thank you for your feedback.

Does the chipID refer to the sensor or the ESP32 module?
I also have a BME280 sensor available, so do I need the chipID of my BME280 or of my ESP32 LoRa wireless module?
Thank you.

@Meir_Belaich I’ve send you an answer to your mail.
But for all people reading this thread:
We need the chipID of the esp8266 or ESP32 module. For the Arduino ESP extensions there are functions for this.
If you use an Raspberry PI there is an entry for the serial number in /proc/cpuinfo that should be used.
For LoRaWAN/TheThingsNetwork users there should be a device ID when registering the device in the network that can be used.
In any case if you implement your own firmware or script this should send a HTTP header ‘X-sensor’ with a prefix for the system (‘esp8266-’, ‘esp32-’, ‘raspi-’, ‘TTN-’) followed by the chipID.
When you register your device at then you can select the system name and use the chipID.

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