SDS011 suddenly no longer available

Hi all,

I have a fairly standard setup … my ESP8266 sits on an Airrohr circuit board and I have the SDS, a BME and a DNMS attached to it.
All worked fine until ~a month ago. Suddenly the SDS does no longer provide data as it is apparently not recognized by the ESP.

*ID: 100xxxxx (e8db8499c4a4)*
*Firmware: NRZ-2020-133/DE (Nov 29 2020)*
*Übersicht » Debug Level*

*airRohr: NRZ-2020-133/DE*
*mounting FS...*
*opened config file...*
*parsed json...*
*output debug text to displays...*
*Connecting to <<myWIFI>>*
*....SNTP synced: Wed Aug 18 09:28:42 2021*

*output debug text to displays...*
*WiFi connected, IP is:*
*Starting Webserver...*

*ChipId: 100xxxxx*

*MAC Id: e8db8499c4a4*
*Read SDS...: *
*Stopping SDS011...*
*Read BMxE280...*
*Trying BMx280 sensor on 76 ... found*
*Read DNMS...*
*Trying DNMS sensor on 0x55H  ... found: DNM*

Of course, I already restarted multiple times (soft and hard reset), validated cables etc … Any further suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!


Try dev version or previous stable version. That might be a SW problem…

Power supplie too weak? If thé dnms is also there, you Need a good one

Ok, thx - will try another SW on the weekend. I do not think, it is a Powersupply Issue, as it was working flawlessly for weeks …


Did you check all the connections? Silly to say, but I had a sensor disappear once, and it appeared to be the cables weren’t connected properly. I hope you will fix it soon!

Will check again tomorrow… I did check already, but just to be sure.
If nothing changes, I’ll have to buy a ne sensor. Any recommendations? :wink:

Which did you go for? I have the exact same thing, all other sensors report fine, the SDS011 just died, out of nowhere.

I find the SDS011 never reaches the expected lifespan. Maybe the location is very hard on the sensor?