SDS011 suddenly no longer available

Yes, I remember there are many threads about this.

Perhaps I should have said "how many have not experienced this"instead. :grin:

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Here the pictures of my installation

BME 280 and Display

Red light on SDS ? Push RST.
And fan noise?

It is working now. A power cycle was needed. Installed today a sonoff in another junction box where the cable comes from to be able to remote power cycle for the next time :wink:

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That looks cool! If you have space in your case, a horizontal orientanion of the SDS011 might save you from a noisy fan later.

Is that a heating element in the inlet? Was this custom?

I assume you mean the PCB under the ESP? No this is just a breakout board. The ESP board is just plugged into it. So i can change the ESP board without dealing with cables and connectors.My first plan was to power the ESP also with 5 volt via the breakout board but I got it only running with supplying it via the USB-port. The sensor box lives under my Carport thus I hear nothing from it. On the other hand if there is some Fan noise it not really will bug me :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the PCB
I mean this.
2022-11-28 004058

Oh, this is only Filter with cuttet mesh for PC case fans. I used this part and scaled it down till the silicone hose fits on it. The three rings are for keep the mesh in place.

Link to the Filter

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@Moebius, how much time and effort did you invest in these sensors. I would like to install a similar one… :slight_smile:

This was not a one weekend project :wink: If you want to rebuild it I can try to bring together the links to the parts as well as printed parts.

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I published all things I could find on printables :smiley:

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