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Reregister/Unregister Sensor?

I took down my old sensor some time ago and want to set it up at a new location. It still seems to be working fine, but i cant register it under a new account and change its geolocation since its already registered (When is set it up a few years ago i think i didnt create an account for it).
Is it possible to reregister/unregister it, so i can set it up in my new account?

Did you looked at

Hi @nils , please send me an email to tech (at) with the chipID and the email of the new account. I will move the old registration to the new account.

Hi there! I am adding new component to my device and since it was impossible to add components to an existing one, I deleted it and began to register again ( ). But re-registering doesn’t work -
I wrote to
What can I do now? Can you help me?

Hello everyone, one of the sensors from our user group no longer produces a history in and in since April 26. There is an actual value to be read. In it seems to continue to work.
In the beginning everything worked fine and there were only a lot of wifi problems for this user.
I would like to unsubscribe the whole set and re-login from scratch. Is that possible. I would like to hear a response from one of you.
With our group of 0 sensors, we have grown in mid-January to 120 sensors at the moment. A great initiative, so, thank you very much.
Greetings Piet van Schijndel

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If you need to supervise a whole network of sensor, I shall publish a tool soon. Feel free to DM me.

Hello PJG, if I understand you well I can delete the sensor en re-install him as a new device under the same ID number? Is that correct?

Gr Piet

Yes do it! It should work.

@pjg @Piet : NO !!! If you “delete” the sensor" then it will only be removed from your account. You can’t re-register this chipID!!!

Hello Ricki-z is there a work around to solve this problem.Maybe its a problem from I have now the second sensor that is stopt with data to/from Airtube

Greatings Piet

The registration at is completely independent from the function of the sensor. You can check there if the right components are selected, that the sensor isn’t marked as ‘inactive’ and that the location info is correct.
Behind every sensor you can find a button named ‘data’. Click on it and check if you can see any values. If yes then should also be able to get this data.
If not then go to , search for your chipID in the input field in the upper left corner (“Please select your chipID from the list:”). Check all components and the wifi signal via the links in the upper right part of the page.

Buonasera. Mi chiamo Bruno e sono il gestore del sensore di Pontecorvo ID esp8266-3996***.
Non mi comparivano i valori sul cruscotto Grafana e così ho eliminato il sensore che risulta essere perfettamente funzionante su PM Sensor-Grafana.
Sono impossibilitato alla nuova registrazione del sensore per chè l’ ID è già presente nella community
Chiedo il reset e il reinserimento manuale del sensore nella community

Cordiali saluti

Please write in English.

You have to send an Email to with the complete ID. The number has to be manually completely erased in the database and the sensor must be registered again. Then we will take care of the problem causing the disappearance of the hexagon/data. (edit by @ricki-z )

Devi inviare un’e-mail a con l’ID completo. Il numero deve essere completamente cancellato manualmente nel database e il sensore deve essere registrato nuovamente. Quindi ci occuperemo del problema che causa la scomparsa dell’esagono/dati. (edit by @ricki-z )

Good morning :coffee: :croissant:. I have already sent, for a few days, email with full ID to but I have not received a reply

The sensor registration is restored.
You mail was sent 2 days ago. We are a volunteered project. All of us are working on this project in their spare time. So yes, we may need some days to answer emails.


Do you have any details about this tool and when do you think it will be available.

kind regards


We are currently testing the release of the tool. It should come soon on an URL.

Hello. I need restore the sensor ID: 14738018.
I deleted it, and now I want to put in order again.

Have you read the thread ?

Yes, and send an email to a few days ago with my account data and sensor Id.