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PM 2.5 sensor with display

Where can I find a practical how-to guide for making a PM 2.5 sensor based on the SDS 011 with a display.
I want one for inside the house that works without wifi or pc that will show the current PM 2.5 concentration on a display.
Or, better yet, who can build one for me and at which price. I live in Holland.

This could help:

It’s not mine. I just googled it.

That looks good.
I might try that.

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You can use the firmware and hardware of Sensor.Community directly. You can plug any kind of LCD or Oled screen. Then you don t connect it to the internet. That’s all.
If you can’t program it is the best out of the box solution.

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OK. Just skip connecting to the internet.

I have tried using an indoor sensor with LCD which works well but I connect it to my Wi-Fi. If a Sensor.Community Airrohr is not connected to the Internet, does the fan eventually stop spinning?

You’re right. It won’t stop…
One has to customize the firmware.