Placement and Tube position

I have setup my station (not yet registered it). However I have a two questions if possible please.

  1. Should the airtube be facing up/down or horizontal? I have so far found pointing up gives higher readings but I am not sure if that is because dust etc. can fall in to the tube rather than being sucked? I have a “roof” over the tube so am not worried about water ingress.

  2. Would an indoor sensor provide any real value or would it differ to much from one that was outside?

Many Thanks

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it has to look like this:
Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 20.18.21

And according to the datasheet of the SDS011, the fan shoulb be so:

So the air tube should be facing the ground so it has to suck the particles up rather than using gravity?

Yes, there is a fan.

Please put the sensor outside!

I was going to do one inside and one out but not upload data from the inside one. Is pipe the only option could a waterproof box be used instead to make it smaller?

The data are sent also for inside but not shown on the map by default. The project was thought for outside.
You can use a box but the air has to circulate well. It can’t be waterproof everywhere.
The pipes are the best solution.

For example, I changed it like this.

I have since done this:-

I knocked out an additional knockout at the bottom to allow for extra airflow. I have also put some fine mesh over to stop bugs!

It will be good like this but my concern is the air exhaust. Is it large enough ?
I can see you use the USBtoTTL dongle. Where is the esp8266 ? Or you use a computer to send/decode the instructions ?

It is connected to a PI. I have made another post asking if there is a python script or outline script I can use for uploading data. The exhaust will hopefully be ok as the box as 2x 20mm holes in the base. Both covered with mesh.

Other post: Uploading from a PI

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