Node not found in database

Hello all, I have a completly registration, my sensor is ok in local network but is problem with sending data to

Sending to - SDS011

Request failed with error: 403
Details:{“detail”:“Node not found in database.”}
Temperature (°C): 2.10
Pressure (hPa): 98446.72
Humidity (%): 78.69

have someone some idea? Thanks

did you register the device at with the correct chipID and the correct sensor combination?

Yes, I think that device is correct registred


Why do you have some letters in the board ID if it is an ESP8266? It is not an ESP32?
Where die you get this ID 58bf25daee99?

Thanks for kicked me. I had a wrong ID, now is all ok.

You are welcome! I sol de so much problems in the past 6 years…