Info about send to own api

Hello everyone,
i am looking for get data by “send to own api”.
if i put the url and path of my php, i can’t reach my file. any idea? if call directy by url i reach him without problems. You can help me?
Very thanks.

Is it the original master firmware ? I do not recognize the layout.
The port and the rest a good ?

It looks like this in a config that works:

// define own API
static const char HOST_CUSTOM[] PROGMEM = "";
static const char URL_CUSTOM[] PROGMEM = "/influx/dataModuleAir_v2_wifi.php";

Are you sure you have no typos in URL or so?

Hello pjt and Ben21 , thank you for your reply,
if called by browser, i reach the php script without problems.
now for testing, if call my url i create a blank json file in host folder.
what do you thnik?

Can you read the serial logs in USB? It should point the issue out.

Hello, this is my log:

2022-11-26 09:26:17: a2022-11-26 09:26:20: ## Sending to custom api: 
2022-11-26 09:26:20: Start connecting to
2022-11-26 09:26:20:
2022-11-26 09:26:20: 80
2022-11-26 09:26:20: /davis/airquality/lora.php
2022-11-26 09:26:20: {"esp8266id": "6503506", "software_version": "NAMF-2020-44", "sensordatavalues":[{"value_type":"SDS_P1","value":"2.20"},{"value_type":"SDS_P2","value":"1.00"},{"value_type":"HECA_temperature","value":"20.95"},{"value_type":"HECA_humidity","value":"50.15"},{"value_type":"HECA_Tdc","value":"0.00"},{"value_type":"HECA_RHdc","value":"0.00"},{"value_type":"HECA_dc","value":"0.00"},{"value_type":"BME280_temperature","value":"20.60"},{"value_type":"BME280_pressure","value":"102652.48"},{"value_type":"BME280_humidity","value":"49.02"},{"value_type":"samples","value":"100166"},{"value_type":"min_micro","value":"1326"},{"value_type":"max_micro","value":"214147"},{"value_type":"signal","value":"-43"}]}
2022-11-26 09:26:39: Not succeeded 
2022-11-22022-11-26 09:26:39: validate request auth...
2022-11-26 09:26:39: validate request auth...
2022-11-26 09:26:40: validate request auth...

about servers I don’t know too much, but if i paste my url by browser, create file locally.
seems that system not call my page

2022-11-26 09:26:20:
2022-11-26 09:26:20: 80

HTTP and port 80 or HTTPS and port 433 maybe?