Implementation of new Sensirion SEN-5X sensors

Is anyone already working on implementation of the new Sensirion SEN-5X platform sensors?

As they provide PM2.5, VOC, Humidity and NOx in a single module, wiring, cases etc. would be much easier than before.

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It is some I2C with a library from Sensirion. Should not that complicated but Sensirion forgot to send me a sample :rofl:

These sensors are only measuring some kind of NOx index. They would need to measure down to and below 50 ppb (parts per billion!) to be useful in outdoor use. But I couldn’t find any specs.
Also no mention of recalibration intervals (even CO2 needs recalibration once per year) …
The first thing people will ask for is “how many days per year the NO2 level was over the allowed limit?”

Well, it is not required to use the NOx values. It is kind of a luxury problem. One can just work with the rest: PM, Temp & Humidity. Already this would reduce the amount of soldering required, allow for easier housing and be much cheaper than buying an SPS30 and BME280.

If I send you a sample, will you do it? :grin:

Yes! I have already done the NextPM and the IPS-7100. But I am currently moving up.

Thanks, sample incoming! :wink:

Who wants to test ?

D1_mini added in the .ini file.