Implementation of new Sensirion SEN-5X sensors

Anything new on this issue? Would really love to finally use my SEN55 :slight_smile:

I’d also like to know if there’s been any progress on this.
I’m planning to use this sensor for a ca. 10 device project in my hometown.



The firmware is in the Github. It was tested a few times on an esp32 and (for the former version) on a ESP8266. Flashed with my PIO setup. I can’t understand what is going wrong on other people setups without the full logs in front of my eyes and the possibility to check the setup myself.

thanks for the update. I’ll talk to the shop who makes the assembled ‘community sensor’ in my area

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I have used the latest airrohr-firmware created by Helmut Bitter for his DNMS project which also contains a SEN5X sensor selection. All data is displayed fine in the sensor’s web page but does not land in madavi or data files. It looks like there are no provisions made yet to handle this data.

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Yes, the database is not set to receive SEN5X data. But you can configure as a SPS30…
@ricki-z We can have a call and I can explain what is needed.

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Can you share your 3D printed outdoor case for this sensor? It’s exactly what I’m looking for! :slight_smile:

More than one year later, anything new on this?

It’s now possible to select the SEN5x as sensor type. And starting with that the data should also be available in our archive. The map may need soe more days.


That’s great. But sadly no working firmware with support for this sensor, or did I miss something?

It works on my setup! I can t know the Setup of others…

Using NodeMCU version NRZ-2020-134-DNMS-5.4 firmware posted in Helmut Bitter’s DNMS github area that allows selecting the SEN5X PM sensor and configuring this sensor in my area using PIN 16 as mentioned in the ext_def.h file of mentioned firmware, does not result in any data being transferred from sensor to nor to madavi.
All data is being displayed correctly on the local sensor NodeMCU webpage.

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see note of fredvduin, post:23, topic:1481 from november 2023

@ricki-z help !!!
@peoter try to config as SPS30 to check.

@pjg selecting SPS30 in device sensor options results in no measurements shown in device web page so device does not recognise SEN5X as a SPS30 and with that will not sent measurement data to nor madavi.
Selecting SPS30 with PIN16 in results in no data being received.
I think the firmware development group should get one firmware that works with all devices and DNMS new features and make it available as a beta update. Currently various developers have made their own firmware that works with their sensors but it kind of does not quite match with the data hub from which data is being used by many external parties.

It’s only important for our server that the X-PIN is the same on the sending and the receiving side.
So if the firmware is using X-PIN 16 then the sensor needs to be configured with X-PIN 16.
The name of the device (SEN5x, SDS011, SPS30, …) is not relevant for this. It’s only used when we export the data stream as json, so that the user can defferntiate the sensor types.

@pjg can you give me a path to a working firmware? I need to check which values are send to Sensor.Community and Madavi.

And if someone could give me the ID of a sensor that is sending then I could check whats going wrong … This sensor should be registered as a SEN5x. At the moment there are only 3 of them in our database, and all of them seems to be offline.

It worked the last time I tested it