Export sensor data to influx


I would like to export all my sensor data to influx db. Can anyone help me with the api configuartion below

Thanks in advance

You would need to have acces to a (remote) server. Have it setup to your own liking with influxDB and than you can configure the setup of your sensor to send data correctly to the influx database.

Hello Jan,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your time. Below is the configuration for post method to write into influxdb 2, i am using basic authentication


I don’t see any data in influx db on the vm. Does the influxdb2 supports basic auth?
I have tried from postman too, it doesn’t work with basic auth.

hi Neeta, I have the same problem / question. Did you solve it?

Did anyone get this solved? I’m trying the same but no data gets written to the database. If I change the path to: /write?db=sensorcommunity and test it in Postman, I get (of course) the error that there are missing fields. I would expect the Particulate matter sensor software to send the correct fields to be written to the database? What am I missing here?