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Data Download from Sensor Map

It would be really useful if you could click on a download link for a specific sensor on the map and specify the start and end date and simply download the historic data. PurpleAir have this function and it makes it really easy to look at historic data.

I dont want to mess around with scripts, make it simple and people will use it.

Keep up the good work!

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Can you post a picture of the button. I can’t find it.
Won’t such function overload our servers ?
We provide a button to show the curves on the map and a Grafana Dashboard were you can see a lot of information (and also download csv)

For example:

And this lin with the board ID:

You can download from there and also in the archives.


Download button bottom right of screen.

Then you choose dates and frequency etc and download data from A or B sensor as PurpleAir have two sensors for resilience. Its an easy to use solution and very neat.

Have a good weekend!

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Download button is the arrow pointing down . . . not easy to see.

OK now I see.

Of course people can argue than PurpleAir is neat, easy, better… But why does it cost 279 $ ? The PMS7003 cost 10 $ each…

Where is the source code of the map, the firmware… ?

What are the accomplishments of PurpleAir ?

Do the support answer as fast as I do on the forum, the Gihub etc. ?

Do they organize weekly call to build a community ?

Do PurpleAir use its GitHb account : PurpleAir · GitHub ?

Do you work for the company ?


Firstly, I do not work for the company PurpleAir but have researched air quality monitoring systems and came across PurpleAir. I will be building Luftdaten sensors and want to get local schools and councils involved with using Public data from low cost air quality monitors in the East of England and make people aware of their local air quality. But, the User interface needs to be simple and easy to use.

I am not criticizing the luftdaten solution please dont misunderstand me, I think its amazing what has been done to date. But we could make the User interface easier and less complicated to look at historic data and compare datasets.

I know we could use scripts to do stuff with FTP archives but school kids and adult users want a simple interface that’s easy and intuitive to use. Could we not have a download button for each sensor on the map that brings up a simple interface to enter start date, end date and download the data?

If there is no solution I will look to implement my own solution as I see others have done and pull the data down into a custom dashboard. I am not keen on this as I would prefer to see a solution with Luftdaten map for all sensors.

I will keep you advised on my efforts here in the East of England.

Have a good weekend!

kind regards


Would it be okay to not have the latest data (only those from the archive)?


Certainly be better than what we have now to be able to download the last 24hrs data collected.

Someone did this: R-Script or tips to download and use sensor data - #6 by nanocastro

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