Sharing your luftdaten data with

I recently tried to configure my NAM (Nettigo Air Monitor) to send it’s data also to as this was recently highlighted as somewhere that had an easy way to be able to download your data in this post and NAM firmware had a capability to do this - I just needed to create an ID in opernsensmap to do this.

When you have created a profile at you can add a sensor, and it includes some templates for frequently used luftdaten sensors.

However, with the recent shortage of the the BME280 sensor, suppliers like Nettigo have subsituted the function of the BME280 with an SHT31 combined with a BMP180. But as you can see from the image above there is no template for this kind of config. And tryint to use the SDS011 + BME280 template doesn’t work, only the AQ data is recognised.

After reading the help guides I tried to use the custom config, and managed to get the AQ and Pressure readings to register with but having specified SHT31 as the temperature and humidity sensor these were not being recognised. However having reached out to they confirmed after looking at my data that the data type needs to be set as SHT3X

So I thought I should share my experience here so if others wanted to share their data also with they could do it withouth needing to open a support case