Complete noise kits available?

Hi here, we have been building and using about 20 dust sensors and now we are looking into a (few) noise sensors, based upon the variant - NODEMCU and DNMS separated -
Are there at this moment complete noise kits available, that is with pcb’s , other parts etc or haven’t we arrived at that point in time yet and will we still have to shop ourselves ?

Thanks for this nice forum, HV04

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Hi HV04 and welcome,

I am not sure if there are ready-to-build kits available, but there are some simpler standalone designs based on the esp32 that still require soldering and probably some gluing.

Our fellow forum member Diane @Deedee has experience with building noise sensors and might be able to provide us with more insight.

Hi, I have built noise sensors, but not from a kit. I had my printed circuits made from the kicad-file that I downloaded from the developers github.

Just looked in my box and I still have a printed circuit. If you are interested I could sell this print to you.

You need a Nodemcu, a Teensy 4.0 and a microphone. And two resistors.

You can combine it with an sps30 and a bme280.

I have ordered the parts at several suppliers.

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Hi air-ais, thanks for replying. I will have a look at Dedee’s reply.
I appreciate your info on the noise sensor.

Deedee, thankyou for this info. It’s the first time I have to order pcb’s by sending Gerber files to a manufacturer; which was the reason for asking.
I’m interested to know if the sensors you build were indeed based upon the Esp8266 or was it Esp32 ?
Could you perhaps point me to info on the difference of versions V1.2 and V1.4 of the DNMS pcb ?

Thanks for offering to help.

Hi, I don’t know the difference, but I can ask for you. I am in touch with Helmut Bitter, the developer of this sensor. He is very active. I saw that there is also a version 1.6 on his github hbitter (Helmut Bitter) · GitHub.

The prints I have ordered are version 1.2. These are with nodemcu version 3.0, but version 2.0 works as well.
The Nodemcu is a board with an esp8266.
You also need a teensy 4.0.

If create an account and login into github you can ask Helmut himself.

You are very welcome.

For your reference, this is an alternative version that only uses the ESP32.

I am not sure if it’s performance is identical to the DNMS. There was a related discussion going on about a couple of years ago, but I am not sure about the current status. I wonder if @bertrik would like to chime in.

I have one of my builts tested by a sound expert and it turned out to perform very well.

And recently it has been tested by a Dutch research Institute, together with a whole lot of other amateur builds.

My builds are the two most colourful ones.

I have the research report.

By the way Diane, since we are at it, is there a recommened placement height?

As far as I know there is not. My sensor is hanging about 4 m high, but that’s because I live on the second floor.
If you register your sensor at the sensor community you have to register the placement height and position (garden, street) as well.

I am thinking about putting a LoRa noise sensor on the roof as well. That’s about 16 m.

Yeah that makes sense. Thanks :grinning:

So are you considering a lora based esp32 board then?

Yes. Going to build one for the roof. Battery operated, and maybe with a solar panel as well.

I have already built two LoRa operated multigeigers. LoRa was quite complicated to learn as the manual was made for an older LoRa version. I have written a new manual on how to configure a LoRa multigeiger.

Hi, Deedee, I found the PCB differences in the from hbitter and they provide enhancements and small options to the print. Concerning your 2 sensors on the picture you sent, what were your main reasons for creating the new shape you use ?? Temperature perhaps ?

That was at : < DNMS/PCBs at master · hbitter/DNMS · GitHub >

No, just a protective housing that makes that the sensors are outside, but at the same time protected against rain.

An I like the shape.