Comparison between PMS-5003 and SDS011

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I am interested in setting up a sensor at my location. I learned from a previous air sensor conference that the Purple Air sensor reported the highest accuracy among a series of low-cost sensors tested in the U.S. I noticed that the air sensor used in Purple Air is PMS-5003. I am wondering if anyone is aware of how accurate is SDS011 compared to PMS-5003 and why SDS011 is chosen/recommended by the community here over PMS sensors (e.g. PMS-1003 or PMS-5003).

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I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. Purple Air might be calibrating the sensors they use. They are also using two sensors in their devices, so some proprietary algorithms balancing readings are probably at play here. The point is that the good perfomance of their devices cannot be simply attributed to the sensors they use. Actually there is a list from EPA, I think, that ranks other devices using the same sensor much lower than Purple Air.

So I would suggest, if availability or cost is not an issue, that you pick a sensor based on what others around you are using. In the USA they seem to favor pms-5003, while in Europe SDS011 is much more popular.

Edit: OK here is the list I am talking about:

It is US AQMD not EPA.

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Thank you, @air-ais! This is very helpful. The other thing that I learned that is important is the formula that is used to convert the voltage to pollutant concentration. Do you know if there is any evaluations on the formulas/codes that were used/recommended by the community here?

I am afraid I don’t know about that. :slightly_smiling_face: