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Changing WIFI network

I´m going to change my place. There is an existing internet connection. I know the SSID (network name) and the password.

For keeping the effords as low sa possible, when logt in on the present WIFI net and beeing on that configuration page. Now I am going the change the network name (SSID) and the password of my new place, finally I safe this configuration.

When, on the new place; powering on the ESP8266 does WIFI recognize the correct data (SSID and password) ? and will run the system ?

From what I gather if the device is unable to connect, it will go in client mode just like the first time you power it up. Which means that even if you make any errors, you can re-enter the credentials on location.

It will show the airrhor again in the wifi list, just as the first time you connected. You can connect to that airrhor and it will show the webpage again. You can enter the new ssid and password. The rest of the configuration will stay the same.

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Yes, if your old wifi network is not present (even if you only just changed its wifi name), what you only need to do is

  • unplug the sensor, wait 10s, replug
  • go to your PC, wait 20s, get to the wifi list: not only you see your (new) wifi network, to which you are connected, but aside that network you’ll see the AirRohr one, because the sensor, not seeing its usual network, has decided to deploy its own one (AirRohr)
  • on the PC, change from your wifi network to the AirRohr network
  • get to the setup page, fill the two wifi fields (new network name, password), and click the red Restart button
  • connect your PC back to the normal Wifi network
  • wait a minute then go to your sensor display, for instance via its map location, or via the ‘sensor details’ page. It should be back online, and you can check this with the timestamp from the last measurement (which should be ‘almost right now’)