Changing WIFI network

WPA means “Wifi Protected Association”, it’s a way to connect a new device without the wifi password, if you press the WPS button (then for a short while the box allows associations)
Do try pressing the WPS button just after rebooting the sensor.
But I’m worried because the sensor itself does plan to use the box log/pass that you entered, without needing WPA.
Is there a separate antenna on your sensor, that would maybe happen to be unscrewed (or missing)?

? This is basic installation of a sensor.

Can you tell us what sensor you have and who has build it
and what is the firmware version
Is it an old installation?

Start building sensor
Flashing tool - need for erase and flash firmware again

Thanks for all the help everyone. I tried again with all the tips you gave me, but it stille doesn’t work. I give up. I’m very sorry.

Have you tried to read the USB log of the sensor ? It would be very interesting for us to know what happens.
Have you copy/pasted the PW ?