Can not add second (or more) sensors after deleting it once

Hi there,
I added my sensor recently with a SDS PM sensor only. In the configuration tab I deleted the second sensor (condition snesor) as I had non attached back that time. Now, I’d like to have this one back as I added an BME280 sensor to my hardware but the add sensor button is missing. I assume there is some error in the database?

Also, when looking at the API data it seems to mess up the data meaning that temperature and pressure are listed as SDS011 values as you can see under the following link. (

Removing and adding of my sensor seems to not be possible as I get a warning that the node will stay blocked then.

Thanks for your support in advance.

I dont really understand what you want to do. You don’t have to add a new sensor because the sensors should actually carry 2 components.

In the list:

Click on settings.

Then choose the BME280 in the second dropdown list. It should look exactly like this:

However, if you look at this link it seems pretty normal:

Capture d’écran 2021-04-28 à 15.22.11

Basically, there is no thermometer/barometer/hygrometer connected to this sensor.

Hi and thanks for the fast reply. So in your screenshot I can see the second sensor under “Hardware Configuration” but exactly this is missing for me! Also there should be a button to add more. Please see the attached screenshot.

Besides, I agree, the values look fine so far. Still I think that temperatue and pressure should not be listed under SDS011, but labeled with BME280. At least this would make more sense to me :slight_smile:

It is new. I can see a button and you can’t :thinking:


Can you erase the cache of your browser or use another one ?

Maybe it is a bug in the translation data… Do you know how to set the browser in english ? I am currently updating all the translation files but I touched nothing for now in the current repo…

You should also activate the second sensor here:

It should be the cache of your browser because the translation is here:

Capture d’écran 2021-04-28 à 17.22.19

@pjg NicZero is trying to add a component to an existing device, not a new one.
But this is acutally not possible at I have to check the database entry of this device and add the BME280 manually.

Thanks for looking into it. What I tried is the following:

  • acces site in incognito tab (basically the same as cache reset)
  • change browser language to english
  • use another browser (internet explorer instead of chrome)
  • use another computer

Non of these helped, so I doubt it’s a language or whatever problem. Also, as mentioned in my first post, I had this button in the beginning. Do you have access to the database and can check there for any issues?

I’ll have a look into the web interface of the sensor again, thanks for the hint. Although I already activated the sensor there and still cannot see anything on the map. To me it seems there is something messed up in the config :slight_smile:

Hey ricki-z, thanks for your support.

So, if it is not possible to add the sensor afterwards I may have misunderstood it. However, I think it should be possible to upgrade later, don’t you agree?

Thanks for updating the database and best regards

Please send the ChipID (look in the interface at the top under “Feinstaubsensor” for your number) to or maybe @ricki-z can do it at once…

Actually the sensor removal is a function I had never seen.
Still on here:

With your chipID:

You can check everything:

@NicZero I have added the BMP280 (!) as second component to your device. With that the temperatuer/pressure values aren’t shown anymore as SDS011 values.
We are working on adding components to an existing device. This should be possible in a few weeks.

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Thanks, now everything is fine for me. However, I’m looking forward to be able to add sensors on my own :slight_smile:

Regarding the sensor, the PCB actually says BME280, not BMP280. I’ll check that with another one I have… Anyway, BMP also is fine for now.

I have the same issue with the Enviro plus on Raspberry Pi. I forgot to add the BME280 as a second component when I registered the PMS5003. I can now only change between the two sensors but need to ADD the BME 280 to the PMS5003.

There are two components by default. So if there is only the PMS5003 then you deleted the second one. First question: Why, instead of changing to BME280?
Did you send an email to tech (at)

I deleted the second sensor BME280 by mistake when registering to the Luftdaten site, leaving only the PMS5003. How can I get the BME280 added to my Luftdaten registration in order to send the PM10, PM2.5, temp, pressure and humidity.

Please send an email with the chipID to tech (at) We will add the BME280 again manually. (This was mentioned in this thread more than one time).

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Thank you, my fault.

Thank you for adding my BME280, the data is now visible.

Dear All,

I’m a new member of and just built my first air pollution sensor. At the first time, I registered my sensor correctly with the sensor name (chip ID, as 10276340) at, but then
I thought I should use a different ID (got confused with the map #ID, my bad sorry).
So I deleted my sensor, and registered it with the map #ID (erroneously). This way I got my sensor chip ID blocked from new registration. Every time I would like to add this sensor I get the “This sensor has already been registered” message.

Unfortunately, my sensor is not visible this way in the dust air map, but otherwise measuring and functioning well for a week now.

Can you get my ID 10276340 unblocked so that I can register it again?
Could you please help me or direct me to someone who can help me get unblocked my chip ID? I’ve already sent this question to ricki_z and the contact and tech support email addresses of

Thank you for your help,


Dear sensor community members:

After creating an account and signing up my node with initially only the SDS011 sensor in the hardware configuration I removed the entry for the second sensor (temperature, %RH) expecting to install it later on with the button “add component”.
Unfortunately the button “add component” disappeared after removing the second sensor making it impossible to add the HTU21D sensor which I received later on. So now I’m stuck.

Could somebody please enable the second sensor-entry for the HTU21D for my node :

#39770 | konfiguracija uporabnika
Node: esp8266-14289172 appearing on the map as sensor 40476

I did send this to but i’m not sure about the arrival. Thanks in advance !

Write to with the ChipID.

@gert.steentjes The HTU21D should be added to your registration.