Calibration of SDS011 and BME280

Hello everybody,
Do I need to calibrate the SDS011 and BME280? I believe the temperature is 1 degree Celcius too low and the humidity 5% too high. I have the sensors still inside the house.
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If it is just this, don’t worry. I don’t think the BME280 can really do better (look at the datasheet).
The calibration of a dust sensor is unfortunately not trivial. You have to spray some aerosols with a known diameter/weight in a laboratory… We tried to build an algorithm do calibrate a few years ago, but no success.
FYI: Report of field tests PM-sensors available online! — VAQUUMS project website

Hello Pjg,

Thank you. Do you know what the software (on the esp or on the internet…) does with temperature and humidity values, I mean does it effect the dust values?

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As far as I know the SDS011’s and BME280’s outputs are treated independently.

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We just collect raw values. The firmware fetchs the measurements of both the sensors (UART or I2C protocol) and produce a json file. All the json are “collected” by the API and displayed on the map.