Calibration of Humidity (BME280)

Hello world! I’m happy to be in this community since few weeks! I’ve a question related to the calibration of the T&H sensor.

I already read this thread:

and from it I took some useful information.

I’m not complaining about the accuracy, but I just would like to have it aligned to the other T&H sensors that I have.
I’ve positioned it close to another sensor in the center of my house, which I used as “master” to correct all the others. In the picture you can see the comparision.

Then, here the request that I think it could be useful for all: similarly to the “correction °C” already available, is it possible to add a RH% correction?

Just to be clear, I’m speaking about this correction, already present for the temperature:

Thank you all again for your amazing work!

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I could add something in the beta for now but you will have to flash with platformio.

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Thank you pjg… I’ve applied the correction after the acquisition from the web. Then I’ve solved it.
But in any case I think it is something interesting for the future customers.
Thank you again for your amazing work,

OK. But I should code again a bit.

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