You don't have permission to access /sensors on this server

Hi, I was away many months. Now I try to check and update my sensors on | configuration utilisateur as usual.

However, I no longer can access this page.
All I Get is “FORBIDDEN You don’t have permission to access /sensors on this server”.
Was there a change for accessing and managing the sensors ?

Thanks for bringing me up to speed

What browser are you using?
Maybe there is a problem with cookies (saving the actual user token).
And you should try to log out and log in again.

@ricki-z Thanks, you pointed me in the right direction, a browser issue (I use latest Chrome).
Although I cleared all site related cookies and browser cache I still have no access to the site.
However, Firefox is working perfectly well, good enough for now.

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Hi @jakko , I’ve checked the site with the latest Chrome (version 108.0.5359.124) on MacOS. There the page is working. So is there any addon that may block something?

Same problem here on Chrome, no problem with Firefox and Edge

Chrome on Windows should work again. There is a site that is creating massive requests on this server, all with the user agent string used by latest Chrome on Windows.
I’ve now blocked the specific URL that was the target of the requests. should work normally.

@ricki-z Thanks a lot.
I can confirm, Chrome is working well again now.

Well, with my apologies, if a rate of one request per each 123 seconds from two IP addresses, I guess that would be me, on an automation.

I will remove further requests from now.

Once again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused.

@Sugtau_b That wasn’t you, I think. The requests came from many different IPs, but with identical user agent strings. So we couldn’t block specific IP addresses. It was something like ‘show me all sensors in a specific area’, which seems to create a much higher load than the request for a specific sensor (min. four comparisons per sensor instead of one).

Thank you for your help.

Anyway I have updated my UA to identify myself with my email address, for the investigation. furthermore, I have set the polling interval from 123s to 600s.

I am waiting for my sensors to arrive, but as soon as they are installed, I will be sure to contribute my data to the platform in the near future.

Seems I’m blocked.