Wireless Sensor Network Simulation in ns3 and GNS3

Hello all.
I am Sonali Arora, a CS undergraduate from Mumbai India.
I am currently working on Wormhole detection in wireless sensor networks and trying simulate it on NS3(ubuntu 20.04) and GNS3(windows 10) with modified packet information. But i am not able to successfully perform the same. Can anyone please help me out with how to proceed with the same and how to simulate wormhole attack algorithms in ns3 or GNS3.

Please help out as soon as possible…Need to submit as a college project.

It is the forum of the Sensor.Community project, the global platform for environmental data.
I can’t understand the direct link between the project and your inquiry.
I also could tell that it is not fair to ask us for free help to write a college project. You are supposed to learn during your studies, aren’t you? Have you completely read the existing literature? Have you talked with your supervisor? It was what I was doing as a student… O tempora ! O mores!
Maybe you should ask ChatGPT :slight_smile: It is probably less grumpy than me.