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Wireless no longer working

I have changed the access point and the sensor no longer works.

Tried reflashing it with windows and linux, no luck. (tried en and de versions)

When I connect with a phone, it is an open network and has “Access denied”

When I connect a ubuntu/window box are open wifi with static ip, can’t ping or connect to webserver.

Serial output is as follows:

failed to open config file.
output debug text to displays…
Connecting to Freifunk-disabled

output debug text to displays…
Starting WiFiManager
AP ID: airRohr-xxxxxxx
scan for wifi networks…
AP Password is:
Starting Webserver… (IP unset)

Any ideas?

If you try to connect to the sensor with a phone then you should be asked if you want to login to this network (after initial connection is established). Click on this message, this should open the config page.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It didn’t work with the Android phone, but IOS seems to pick it up ok. That works