Wind sensor with esp

Rather than putting “airrohr” in a tube, I took in a box.
Sensors are working fine. check out Umweltdaten -
Here, having wind sensors would by fine. Any economic solution doing it with the esp module ?

No problem if the air can enter and exhaust easily.
I have already thought of wind sensors. The beta firmware can run on esp32. It could ba added.
Do you have an example and a datasheet?

I’ve just uploaded a pdf showing the difference in humid/temp readings depending on location of the sensor in the enclosure. Be sure to not mount the sensors on PCB, and locate the BME280 as close to the outside ambient air as possible!

When support of wind sensor might be expected? I think it might be useful if wind sensor will work also with showing of wind direction and additional nice to have might be rain sensor.

You can send me a sensor if you want to accelerate the process :slight_smile: The problem is that there is no pin anymore on the ESP8266 we should switch to ESP32.

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I don’t have any, but I would buy one if I knew that it will work and be supported :wink:
All of those ESP plates are not so familiar for me, however if I have good tutorial I may built something :wink: Anyway as I’m reading about differences between those two it looks like good idea such kind of switch, especially that we are talking about same price level of single unit. I don’t think so that 2-3€ might be significant difference. I would go to the new plate :smiley:

Just replying here to follow the topic.

I think it would be great to be able to see wind speed and direction together with PM10 & 2.5.

In my case I would want the anemometer within say 10 metres near the pm sensor, so not in the same box.

Obviously you want to know where the Feinstoff is coming from.

So I would look at a way to combine & sync data from two different devices.



the sale must be measured by positioning the anemometer away from obstacles at least 2 meters from the ground or the roof where it is mounted.
Adding a sensor and making it reliable could be challenging.
The networks of certified weather stations are already many and quite distributed in the territory. It may be easier to acquire wind direction and strength from neighboring weather station networks that are already displaying data online

Yes, good point. In the meantime, I came across a private-developed box that does incorporate wind measured elsewhere, see here, you get wind direction and some speed indication from measurements at several km distance. Unfortunately, it does not connect to the networks yet.

Hello @nari ,
I discover this thread just now; I’m quite interested in adding an anemometer to my current nettigo kit. Did you progress on this topic on your side?

@Hervé , well, a good reminder, would like to do it, but do not have sufficient experience

may be @pjg can help. ESP32 available, what hardware is neded (RS485 , PNP ?) verify screen-shot . Moreover if hardware pins are availble what about the software and GUI. And would like to continue with the presenr sensors (PM , Temp, Hum, Presure)

I think it would be better to use an esp32 indeed.
Or modify the current firmware deeply.
I don’t understand why they are talking of NPNR, PNP and NPN transistors.
Does it measure with the tension or the current ?