Which API's do I need?

Hello everybody,

Hopefully the last question from me! I don’t know how the API’s relate to each other and I don’t know which ones I / you really want. Can I skip one?

  • Sensor.community <-> luftdaten.info
  • Madavi.de <-> Grafana <-> Luftdaten.info
  • Feinstaub-App = Particulate Matter App = for personal use

Good evening!

Sensor.Community (was Luftdaten.info before, we ‘renamed’ the project) should be enabled. Otherwise the sensor won’t be shown on the map and no data would be saved in our archive.
Madavi.de could be disabled. But the debugging in the case of wifi or hardware problems is easier with the graphs (i.e. temp/humidity is shown, but PM data not => the PM sensor has a problem, mostly a cable lost contact)
Feinstaub-App is only needed if you want to use the Android app “Feinstaub-App”.