Where to get ZHR-5 (SPS30) connector/cable

First post, long time sensorsponsor, hello :slight_smile:
So I jumped the gun a little and ordered a SPS30 (air particulate) meter, with the intent of looking at the finer dust.
Having it in my hands however, I realize I do not have the required connector, and it’s proving to be surprisingly hard to find in Europe.

The connector needed is a JST ZHR-5 male (5 pin). I can find the connector itself in bulk packaging, but I obviously don’t have the crimp tool so I’d prefer an assembly with cables.

The usual electronics suppliers haven’t turned up anything, ebay neither. Adafruit has one including reasonable superslow shipping, but that comes from the USA meaning customs charges.
The closest I have found is arrow.com, where the product is very cheap and shipped from the Netherlands. However, shipping starts at €50 for a 10-cent part.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… my current setup with cut-open breadboard connectors is “not great”, to put it lightly!

Try to buy plug shells and cables separately

Can I just push those together without special tools? I thought I needed a crimper for that as well?
Edit: SOS has a minimum order of €50… I’m thinking of going with farnel and botching the crimping myself (they don’t seme to have pre-crimped leads)

I got housing and wires from TME (tme.eu/de). They have no minimum order. They also sell the SPS30. On their website look for

  • ZHR-5
  • SZH-200BK26

(and the SPS30, if you like… oops, you got one already).

Hi, do you live in Europe? I have ordered a bunch of cables. I may send you one.

I live in Belgium, that’s indeed in Europe. I’d be more than happy to cover the expenses! Not sure if we can send private messages, you can reach me via email on my username at v5 dot be.

Yep. Me too.
I can crimp the other side with Dupont connector.

You are both very generous, please let me know how to get in touch or email me at jay at v5 dot be!

Thanks to both guys who responded, we’ve got a solution already under way. This is an awesome community!

I have crimper I think useful for it, but it very difficult to crimp this small contacts.
I prefer to buy already crimped from Aliexpress.

@Mogwaika Thanks, but why is the link you posted through “letyshops.com” if you don’t mind me asking? It redirects me to a link deep in “admitad.com” which is unavailable to me.
Do you make money of this link? Not sure if that is in the spirit of this forum.

Sorry, corrected the link.

I’ve got exactly the same problem, I need this cable quickly because it didn’t come with my sps30. I will order from ali soon, but is there someone here that can help me out now?

kind regards,

take a look also on site www.tme.eu

I suppose…