What does "k0" stand for?

Running an enviro+ with the combined.py script I wonder what “k=” stands for in oxid, redu and nh3?

Never heard of it and I cannot find any explanation what it means (I admit I am not the god of searching the internet). Can someone please give me an explanation or point me to a source of information.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, you are on the forum of the Sensor.Community project. We know of course about the code for the Enviro+ but we don’t support it here. Please contact Pimoroni.
I think the script was written by Rohit Chakraborty at the University of Sheffield. You can maybe try to contact him.

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Thanks for the reply … any hint on where I can find an answer is appreciated … :slightly_smiling_face:

Please check their Githup repo GitHub - pimoroni/enviroplus-python: Python library for the Enviro+ environmental monitoring board .
At the end of the page you can find the following:

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Hi, what is the context?? With component-print of circuit-boards, the marking R0 / K0 is used by some board-manufacturers to identify a dummy-resistor with 0-resistance (wire). Normally R0 is used.