What are the sensors needed to detect nuclear wastewater?

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After Japan announced the discharge of nuclear wastewater, each country will certainly strengthen the importance of the issue of water quality testing, then there will be a broad market for sensors to measure water quality. But I wonder which sensors will be more important?

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I have just read this article a few minutes ago: https://www.h2o-watermatters.com/includes/partials/printArticle.php?ed=202112&art=09_Artikel

But it is only about nitrates. There is also a project in Brittany in France about nitrates. One use some special paper stripes and then compare the colour.

The problem is you would need a sensor for everything which can be in the water.
Some common measurement are however made for O2 in solution, redox, pH, conductivity.

For the radioactivity, I assume you can’t use the multigeiger because water should absorb the gamma rays.

Thank you for your sincere reply, which is very useful to me.