Web link for historical data download not working

Hello all, I have searched how to download historical data and came across the link: https://archive.sensor.community/. Few months ago it was working. But now when I try to use it it says Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource. Can you help me with downloading historical data for my thesis project. Thanks

Yesterday it works, last week March 3 and 4 was also down.

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Thanks for info. I checked it and it worked this morning but now it doesn’t again, don’t know what is happening…

On Opensensemap.org you can download historical data , but only one parameter per device at a time. So you get one file for PM10, one for temperature, etc.

I also faced archive access problem in last few weeks - sometimes archive work, but sometimes I get 403 error or just time out. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes few days to get it back online, so thank you RolfBly for sharing this resource. I hope it`s temporary problems with archive and it will work fine again.

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