Want to change webpage of sensor, how?

Hello all,
Since a few time I’m using a few AirRohr sensors in my area and observing the data via their webpage, which I’m showing “public” ( you have to know the webpage and port)

I wanted to add some information, such as the location of the sensor, like
Fablab, Home, Work…on the header of the webpage:
P.ex. behind the naming : particulate matter sensor: FabLab Rostrenen
or a line beneath the Sensor ID as location: Fablab Rostrenen

In this part of the webpage:

Screenshot at 2022-05-28 12-59-10

But how to access the code ? I uploaded the firmware direct with the firmware loader via a terminal ( working with linux)
Can I find an .ino file to upload via arduino IDE, where I can edit the code,maybe, any ideas??

So that some people who want to check SEE directly where they are connected, and not only the sensor ID

Kind regards from Hans

Please contact me to talk about the solutions to forward and display the data. We have some overload problems and I suspect it may come from what you are currently doing… Send me a private message and we can plan a call.

All the data can be easily accessed and reused. Did you read about API, links etc. on our website

Hello Pierre Jean,
I sent you a private mail