VOC sensors examples

Has someone anti experience with VOC sensors ?

What sensors are there for example?

I have added a Bosch BME680 sensor to my Tasmota-ized IKEA Vindriktning with a Wemos D1 Mini. I thought I will see VOC values rising when soldering or my 3D printer is melting ABS but what I see more or less corelates with the fine particle measurement (meanwhile, the 3D printer has been fitted with an activated carbon filter, so it may be that only a few VOCs are leaking out). The main reason for choosing the BME680 was simply that I was curious, in fact I have no special requirements for VOC measurements.

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Most popular and affordable are BME680 and CCS811. Both are MOX (metal-oxide) with I2C interface. CCS811 needs separate Temp/Hum sensor for compensation. BME680, on the other hand, requires some host processing power for the same purpose, otherwise you deal with uncalibrated MOX plate resistance. Both are only suitable for indoor usage because of limited Temp range

CCS811 goes mad when opening a bottle of acetone 5m away, and when peeling an orange

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Take a look here GitHub - JsBergbau/CCS811_MH-Z19_Test_Comparison_Review
I’ve compared CCS811 and BME680 to NDIR CO2 sensors. I can’t really recommend VOC sensors, especially because of the calibration problem.

Thanks a lot to all !