Usage without WiFi and with external power supply

Hi all, I am interested in the DNMS sensor (noise) and the SDS (fine dust), but want to move the sensors to different places. Therefore they should be independent from power supply (sounds easier using an USB battery pack) and should save the collected data close to the units (no WiFi, maybe SD card) so that after 1 day or 1 week of measuring the data can be read out and then analyzed. Any idea how this can be done or enhanced? Cheers Thomas

You could also think about using LoRa. I am going to build a DNMS with LoRa to put on the roof.
Of course if you want to use a dust sensor it consumes more power.

This is a simple DNMS that uses LoRa GitHub - meekm/LoRaSoundkit: This Soundkit sensor measures continuously audible sound by analyzing the data using FFT

For LoRa it’s important that at the place where you want to hang it there is LoRa coverage.

Where I live there is a lot of LoRa coverage, but unfortunately not at my place. Therefore I built my own LoRa gateway.