Usage of data for national interest

Is the data delivered to national or regional authorities for example the UBA (Umweltbundesamt). Is it in planning?
Is an app for data visualization in planning?

To answer the first part, the RIVM is using our data for it’s project Samen Meten. The are in contact with different other authorities but these aren’t that fast in reacting to our requests.
There are also different apps developed by the community for visualization. But we don’t have an overview of these apps at the moment. You should try a search for or our former project name luft

We have a map at least for dataviz.
I have already tried to contact the UBA but they never answer

I have persuaded my local council to buy 8 of our sensors. I have yet to know what they will do with the data from them. Right now the sensors are showing our local air is very clean for PM2.5, so although they are in an inner city area I haven’t managed to place them near any hotspots. This needs to be considered for my city and perhaps others. Perhaps my city has good PM 2.5 air quality but this isn’t true for NOx. For reference purposes I want to place a low cost sensor with the local TEOM but there is no power or WiFi. So I need to build a system with a battery and SIM I think.

I can help you for this.
There is also the LoRaWAN protocole.
Battery is no good idea.
Maybe solar, i can also advise for this.

Please look:

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For NO2, the only good sensor I know is the Envea Cairsens. But the price is very expansive.

I recommend checking the official websites of the relevant authorities, government agencies, or environmental organizations. They often provide details about their data management practices, partnerships, and any initiatives related to data visualization or public access to environmental information.