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Unable to sync time with NTP servers

Who knows how to solve the issue mentioned in github?

I have two airrohre and both are not synced with ntp. All computers in the network can connect and are synced. What can I do? I’ve done restarts but it doesn’t help. Because of the missing time - both have the date of 1.1.1970 - they can’t upload to madavi and the other API’s. Last upload was at the 16th of December.

Actually I updated my router, a Turris Omnia, about that time. The problem could be the router as well.

Is there a way to check if the airrohr software tries to contact the ntp servers? I can sucessfully ping from my laptop.

Can you check your router that it is not acting as a NTP server? Or if it is active as a NTP server that the router time is correct?

Thanks for adding my question to this forum!

I checked the router and it is not acting as a NTP server. Just to try I configured the router acting as an NTP server than, restarted it and one sensor but it didn’t change anything.

Firmware is NRZ-2020-133. Here the routers NTP config as screenshot:

I have rolled back the system on my router to an earlier state and now both sensors get ntp time again. The NTP settings are exactly the same. I still don’t know what was the problem at the moment.

I would suggest to close this topic, as it is not related with the airrohr software.
Thank you for your help!