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Time zone information of archived measurements

I started working with the csv files from the archive and have to do some calculations with the time.
The timestamp field has no time zone information.
Is it right to assume that it is UTC time?

Thanks a lot! Acefall

Yes, all archived data is UTC time.

Thank you!
Is there some documentation where I can look up this kind of stuff so I do not have to ask here every time? Also a hint towards where I can find the code that generates these csv files would be helpful.
Another example would be the archived files of the sds011 sensors. There are columns “P1” and “P2”. I assume they represent PM2.5 and PM10 respectively. Is that correct?

The code that generates the csv export is part of the API code and can be found here:
At you can find some documentation to our project. This includes also some informations about the API. But at the moment there is no complete list that describes the single columns of all possible CSV files (one per sensor type).
For the PM values P1 is PM10 and P2 is PM2.5 (PM2.5 is part of PM10 and therefor must be less than that).