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The return of the famous Tera NextPM

An evaluation by one of the French official institutions for AQ was published:

Since more than ten years, we are studying the rise of micro sensors technology to monitor Air Quality. Each generation of sensor come with its improvements and gain a better accuracy, lifetime, reliability, …
We thus decided to focus a study on the new born sensor of Tera Sensor, a Groupe Tera company, the NextPM to check if its performances will be enough high to be used for ambient air monitoring. The study will be complete thanks to the help of our partner AtmoSud and the “supersite” of Marseille.
The first results obtained are promising, the NextPM sensors deployed responses were equivalent, the correlation is > 0.99 and the sensitivity is more or less 15 %. We also found high correlation between the reference instrument and the NextPM for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, the daily correlations were comprised between 0,91 for PM2.5 to 0,71 for PM10 and the hourly correlations from 0,82 for PM2.5 to 0,60 for PM10. We found the best correlation result for PM2.5 and the weakest for PM10 except for some period where the correlation of PM10 were as high as the others.

Full document available by me.
The sensor is still half implemented in the firmware…