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Test phase settings

I am building and integrating a sensor.
There is a test phase where the data is unreliable.
How to avoid polluting the community database ?
I found the indoor setting. Is there a more explicit way to communicate data is not (yet) to be relied upon ?

For sensor testing you should use either a simple PHP script as “Own API” or the “Output as CSV”. You don’t need to send those values to our APIs. This way you won’t pollute any of our databases.

OK. Thanks Ricky.

I consider myself warned to untick all API except the own api until I consider my readings stable and reliable for let’s say a week or so.

I’ve already got hold of some example json using a simple netcat -l with a prototype (using DHT-11 I had lying around, so the temperatures are a bit off :slight_smile: ) .

Question : I cannot find any documentation about the API on the github. Is it documented so I can base myself on that ? I also wish to bridge the data to my mqtt broker for integration in other stuff (like weewx) I am running .

aslaets@virtdebby ~ % nc -k -l -p 8080
Host: virtdebby.home:8080
User-Agent: NRZ-2020-133/3935370/cc50e33c0c8a
Accept-Encoding: identity;q=1,chunked;q=0.1,*;q=0
Connection: close
Content-Type: application/json
X-Sensor: esp8266-3935370
X-MAC-ID: esp8266-cc50e33c0c8a
Content-Length: 457

{“esp8266id”: “3935370”, “software_version”: “NRZ-2020-133”, “sensordatavalues”:[{“value_type”:“SDS_P1”,“value”:“8.30”},{“value_type”:“SDS_P2”,“value”:“4.43”},{“value_type”:“temperature”,“value”:“640.20”},{“value_type”:“humidity”,“value”:“1740.80”},{“value_type”:“samples”,“value”:“4974452”},{“value_type”:“min_micro”,“value”:“28”},{“value_type”:“max_micro”,“value”:“20074”},{“value_type”:“interval”,“value”:“145000”},{“value_type”:“signal”,“value”:"-38"}]}%

There is a small API documentation at: EN APIs · opendata-stuttgart/meta Wiki · GitHub

Just got it running and publishing mqtt (OWN api → flask/pahomqtt-> mosquitto) for my weewx weather station.

Now design and 3D print casing. Attach to front of house @ 3m heigh.
Power: flat usb cable between window rubbers…

Give it a week.