Temperature sensors

On the map sensor, we see that some sensors have an operational temperature sensor delivering realistic values. However the data recorded by many of these sensors are not available in the sensor archives. How to secure the recording for the temperature sensor (bme280)? As we are using the temperature data to correct the PM measurements at low température we are interested to get the data for the following sensor id: 78878, 78874,78002, 78403. These sensors are located in the vicinity of Toulouse (France).
Thank you for your help.

It should be the setup of the sensor. In the sensor and on devices.sensor.community.
It must be the same.

Thanks for the feedback. But I did not find any criteria in devices.sensor.community related to the given sensor to enable the recording of the data in the community archives. The sensor itself works well and the temperature value is correctly displayed by the system on the community map and the on the grafana graphics.
Could you give more details how to settle the parameters in the recording system? Thank you

Please send me some screenshots of the sensor types in both the device and in devices.sensor.community. It is not well set somewhere.

You are right there is something not properly set somewhere, but I fear we cannot access everything.
Example; the sensor 1809900 (ID 78877/78878) is showing properly results on the grafana dashboards

confirming that the sensor itself is transmitting well.
If the sensor is properly identified on the map sensor community for the PM measurement (ID 78777) it does not appear for the Temperature measurements (ID 78878). Idem in the sensor archives we can find the PM measurements but not the temperature measurements. Here a picture of bme280 archives (ID 78878 missing).

However “Le Grenier” has not access through the devices.sensors.community to this sensor; maybe the wrong setup is there (This sensor might be managed by CPIE).
However the fact that the temperature measurements are displayed on the grafana dashboard means that the bme280 sensor is appropriately declared at some level.

So could you confirm that the fact to generate a file in the sensor archives is linked to a given declaration at sensor owner level? Do you have a way at sensor community level to improve/secure this situation by recording the data when properly displayed on the grafana dashboard.
Nota: for the sensors managed by “Le Grenier” we do not have this problem and I have not seen any specific option to secure the appearance on the sensor map and archives.
Thank for your feedback on this curious problem.

Yes! The problem is in the declaration in devices.Sensor.Community