Supported NO2 Sensors

In summer I’ll probably move to another home near the airport. This is why I look for a NOX/NO2 sensor. I need one, who is supported by default sensor community arduino sketch, or at least one supported by ESP32 development board. Is there an affordable sensor in the market?

Thanks in advance to the community!

I think there is still no cheap sensor for NO2 with specs which are compatible with the values in the air.
I made à firmware for the Cairsens Envea which works well but is very expansive.
Feel free to contact me in this thread for further information.

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We are building 26 PM sensors with SEN55, they have some NOx index value.
Has someone experience with this NOx value

I would say it is not the concentration… It is difficult to interpret and use.

What sensor is used for Cairsens Envea device? I found no information about in data sheet.

Has someone experiences with GM-102B?